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Harness the Power of Natural Rhythms

May 27, 2023
| 1:30pm
– 2:30pm AEST

Have you noticed that you tend to do certain things at the same time every day? Wake-up, get hungry, fall asleep…at the same time each day? A need to socialize or nap at particular times? Are these patterned choices or is something biological going on?
Rhythms are part of life. Discover the 3 main rhythms that impact your life. Learn how to work with them to create a healthy lifestyle.
We will define what these biological rhythms are and then highlight the different types.
We will delve into each rhythm, and discover how to maximize the health benefits, for:
* better hormone regulation
* improved sleep
* better productivity
* better blood sugar regulation
* appetite control
* and more
Join Rebel Tucker from Yoga Rebel for an in-depth discussion on natural rhythms and how you can get aligned for quantum results.

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Hosted by

Rebel Tucker
Yoga Rebel
Rebel is a naturopath and yoga therapist with over 30 years' experience. In her practice she sees clients with complex and chronic health conditions. She works with her clients and their medical practitioners to support them back to wellbeing. She combines traditional wisdom with quantum health information to help her clients back to health.

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