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Happy Feet – Supination

May 24, 2023
| 6:30pm
– 7:30pm AEST

Natural Medicine Week 2023 – Happy Feet Event – Learn the importance of foot supination and some simple movements to improve foot function.

This event is the second offering of a two part exploration of feet function.

This will extend on the previous event – pronation event – and explore the mobility and function of the 26 bones and 33 joints of your feet as you propel yourself forward.

Will will look at:
– what is supination of your feet (how you propel yourself forward as you walk)
– how to supinate your feet (how to use your toes and arch as you push off the ground)
– learn three movements to improve how your feet supinates.

This highly engaging event will change how your feet propels you forward as you walk.

Ideal for anyone who has discomfort in your feet and ankles

See you soon!

Thank you Riccardo

Hosted by

Riccardo Galeotti
The Body Lab
Riccardo is an Acupuncturist and Movement Therapist for the past 16 years in Australia and England. He teaches biomechanics and joint function with Anatomy in Motion and runs a busy clinic in Canberra with several online and in-person courses on mobility and function. He enjoys sharing his wisdom and passion for moving the body to release pain.

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Riccardo Galeotti