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Feel Calm & Energised Naturally


May 25, 2023
| 9:30am
– 10:30am AEST

Chronic ongoing stress can have a minor or major impact on health, with your body feeling like it is always under pressure and stressed. We know stress can imbalance your nervous system but it may also be contributing to weight gain or even disrupting your sleep.

You may feel tired but wired, anxious and tense, flat and moody, hormonal and irritable. Daily stressors may be affecting your hormone balance, it could be at the heart of poor immune health, bloating, cravings, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
The good news is, you can strengthen your capacity to cope and remain calm during difficult times and better support your energy. I look forward to sharing with you some strategies to help.

Learn 5 factors to optimise your wellbeing:
Easy ways to feel energised
Healthy eating to fight fatigue
Importance of healthy sleep patterns
Number one daily practice to feeling calm
Everyday habits you need to avoid to help bust your stress

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Rebecca Screen
inner reward
Rebecca Screen is a Naturopath with over twenty years experience, a Mum of two and business owner. Rebecca is dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health and wellness. You can feel calm, in control and energised with everyday life and stresses. Rebecca consults in person and telehealth at Inner Reward & Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic.

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