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Creativity and You


May 25, 2023
| 1:00pm
– 1:50pm AEST
This session is brought to you by Caroline van der Mey, Naturopath and Intuitive Healer.
Are you creative?
Many people answer No to this question – when the real answer is that we are all creative.
Lets talk about why you are creative and why finding your creative muse is important,
Join this webinar to hear about the value of creativity and stress reduction.
Understand how to have a creative process and how it helps us express ourselves and connect with our inner self, which helps us to reduce stress and improve our wellbeing.
Stress is such a big part of todays life and having these tools to help is important for everyone’s health and wellbeing.
To register for this event go to Facebook and click on ‘Going’:
Then once the time and date arrives visit the Zoom link below.
The timing of this event is
Perth time : 11AM
Eastern Australia Time 1 PM
This event is being run on zoom…
Meeting ID: 810 8119 7191
Passcode: 138637

Hosted by

Caroline van der Mey
Healing Solutions
Caroline is a naturopath, iridologist and art therapist with almost 30 years experience . She loves sharing her knowledge with others and helping them on their healing journey.

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