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Create Calm – 10 Easy Steps to De-Stress

May 25, 2022
| 10:00am
– 11:00am AEST

Create Calm amid Chaos in Ten Easy Steps

Stress Kills! It’s a fact. Each year overwork and stress costs Australians $30 billion. People die directly and indirectly from too much stress at work or home, which leads to heart attack, stroke or some form of incapacitation. Marney teaches you how to overcome adversity and empty your stress bucket. She is so passionate about the effects of stress; she wrote a book about it.

This engaging workshop will help you to learn:

  • What happens to your body when you are stressed
  • Simple self-care and self-nurturing techniques
  • Easy stress management strategies

Whether you are a busy mum, business owner, carer or just want to learn simple techniques to help you and your family, this event is for you.
Register today and start to create calm amid the chaos.

Marney Perna

Hosted by

Marney Perna
Kinique Consultancy and Natural Therapies
Marney Perna, owner and consultant at Kinique Natural Therapies, specialises in stress management and resilience techniques. From a stay at home mum to master “Stress Buster” Marney Perna loves to empower others to be the best they can. She is an accomplished multi published author, international speaker and women's health educator.

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