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Calming Kids: The link between Anxiety, Nutrition, and Gut Health


May 24, 2024
| 1:00pm
– 2:00pm AEST

Join us for an informative session covering into the connection between anxiety, nutrition, and gut health in children. In this webinar, we’ll explore practical strategies to nurture your child’s well-being, and address the underlying cause of their anxiety.
In this informative webinar, Jean Jarrett, Naturopath and Nutritionist will guide you through practical strategies to support your child’s health through nutrition and gut health.

Webinar Highlights:
Understanding Childhood Anxiety: Explore the factors contributing to anxiety in children and how it relates to nutrition and gut health.
Nutritional Support: Learn about the role of nutrition in promoting mental wellness and resilience in kids.
Gut-Brain Connection: Uncover the fascinating link between gut health and emotional well-being in children.
Practical Tips for Parents: Receive realistic advice to address the underlying cause of your child’s anxiety.

Jean Jarrett

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Jean Jarrett
Healthy Kids Naturally
Jean uses her own experiences to help women and their families to improve their health and wellbeing through naturopathy and nutrition. Jean is also an experienced Buteyko practitioner to provide you with a holistic range of therapies to empower you to take control of your health naturally.

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