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Bunions Begone – Interactive Webinar

May 20, 2024
| 6:30pm
– 7:25pm AEST

Bid Farewell to Bunion Agony!

Are bunions causing you constant discomfort? Say goodbye to bunion agony with this webinar “Bunions Begone!”

In this enlightening interactive event, accredited practitioner Riccardo Galeotti from The Body Lab will explore the underlying reasons behind bunion discomfort and provide you with tailored exercises for targeted relief.

Uncover the root causes of your bunions as we delve into a comprehensive understanding of this widespread condition. Through our specialized techniques and exercises, we will specifically address the problem areas associated with bunions, enabling you to find lasting relief. By learning how to strengthen and align your feet, you will not only alleviate the pain caused by bunions but also invest in the overall health of your feet. You no longer have to let bunions dictate your mobility and well-being.

Join us for this enlightening webinar and embark on a path towards freedom from bunion agony. Your feet deserve the best care, and “Bunions Begone!” will provide you with the guidance and support.

Riccardo Galeotti

Hosted by

Riccardo Galeotti
The Body Lab
As a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, specialising in Acupuncture, Riccardo has over 15 years of clinical experience with an emphasis on holistic, preventative health care. In addition to acupuncture, through his Canberra-based clinic Riccardo has developed a multi-modal approach to therapy.

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