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Bounce Back From Burnout & Overwhelm Through Qigong & Chinese medicine


May 20, 2024
| 10:00am
– 10:45am AEST

Bounce Back From Burnout Masterclass with Dr.Kerry Posniak (TCM).
Unlock The Secrets To Adrenal Harmony And Nervous System Restoration through Qigong & integrative Chinese medicine.
What you will learn:
1.Nurture your adrenals: Reclaim your energy, empowering strategies for adrenal fatigue recovery.
2.Nervous System Alchemy: Through transformative movement , create a life of grounded presence and resiliency.
3.Harness Your Inner Power: Discover the power of embodied transformative movement to accelerate transformation of your emotions.
This webinar will show you practical methods to recover from and prevent burnout and overwhelm.

There will be an opportunity to participate in a Qigong session during this event, where you get to experience how transformative this form of movement truly can be!

Dr Kerry Posniak (TCM)

Hosted by

Kerry Posniak
White Tiger Therapeutics
Kerry helps women reclaim their energy, without overwhelm, so they can bounce back from burnout. Kerry is a doctor of Chinese Medicine and a medical Qigong facilitator. She has empowered thousands of women to regulate their nervous systems and recover from adrenal fatigue. Her mission is to empower you in feeling lit up on all levels.

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Kerry Posniak