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An Introduction into Mindful Living


May 22, 2024
| 7:00pm
– 8:00pm AEST

Welcome to An Introduction to Mindful Living!

Join us for a transformative online event where you will understand the basics of how to feel connected to yourself through holistic and mindful living.

Discover the power of micro habits and daily routines to be present and enchanted well-being. Dr. Rafeena Kidavintavida will guide you through practical tips and techniques that can help you cultivate mindful living. Whether you are starting your well-being journey or looking for ways to advance, this event is perfect for you.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to start your mindful living journey!

Dr Rafeena Kidavintavida

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Dr. Rafeena Kidavintavida
A passionate Ayurvedic Doctor educated and trained in Kerala, India the hub of Ayurveda and experienced for more than 10 years in Ayurvedic diagnosis, lifestyle managemnt, detox treatments and awareness programmes. Working in Australia since 2014.

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Dr. Rafeena Kidavintavida