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5 Foods to Boost Your Memory

Please note this webinar is WA time 4.30pm and 6.30pm Sydney (AEST).

Do you forget where you left your keys?
Do you forget your best friends name?
Do you miss appointments because you have forgotten about them?

•It is easy to think memory issues are only for the old or those who are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia – however memory issues start when we are way younger – estimations are in our 20’s brain function starts to decline.
•However it doesn’t need to be that way
•Brain health is so important and even more so with the ageing process.
•As a population we are growing older – however not healthier
•We want to life a long and healthy life and be able to interact with others and have fun and be happy.

Come along and find out how you can boost your memory
This event is free and open to everyone and is being run as part of Natural Medicine Week 2024

Caroline van der May

Hosted by

Caroline van der Mey
Healing Solutions
Caroline is a naturopath, homeopath, flower essence therapist and art therapist. She loves helping people on their healing journey and sharing her knowledge with others. In particular Caroline provides a safe place to help nurture and support your nervous system after stressful and traumatic events, empowering you to shine and be your true self.

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