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Bowen Therapy Holistically treats a Woman’s Hormonal Journey

By Caroline Culleton

Listening to women speak of the pain and suffering they endure each month, or continually throughout their lives, sometimes with such intense pain for decades, is heartbreaking.

Misunderstood, misdiagnosed, ignored, and often mistreated, these women demonstrate enormous courage and stamina in a world that dilutes or simply fails to ask the right questions or listen to the answers surrounding the significance of women’s reproductive and gynecological issues.

It continues to amaze me that in these “modern” times conversations about hormones, periods, bleeding, vaginal dryness, endometriosis, hot flushes, brain fog, cramping, and even masturbation are all still taboo in many social circles.

So women remain embarrassed or shamed in the workplace, they are prescribed anti-depressants for their hormonal anxiety or muddled mind, put on the contraceptive pill to reduce painful periods or skin complaints as fixes to the complex biology of a woman’s hormonal body.

**Please note that I do acknowledge that there are cases when medical intervention is vital and the only solution. That medical professional guidance and acknowledgement of all decisions regarding your health and wellness journey should and/or must sought out prior to any treatment. With the human body there is never a one size fits all approach.

As a woman of a certain age, I can happily say that I have transitioned through all the stages women are so “fortunate” to journey through. But that is not to say my hormones no longer cause me any of those annoying symptoms every now and then.

But while I can say that I understand and empathise with all women of all ages, I can’t say I have experienced the severe and physical life altering pain some women suffer, nor how much mental and emotional anguish they endure when yearning a child.

But what I can do is listen and offer my knowledge and experience as a Bowen therapist and a Hormone Release – the Bowen Way® therapist to help women – whether they are just starting out on this crazy hormonal roller coaster ride, looking to start a family or are about to enter their last hurrah – and journey into perimenopause and menopause itself.

When hoping to start a family, it would seem common sense to strive for a body and mind that is in balance and calm. But life can throw common sense out the window with women working full time stressful jobs or working part time and running a home and life with a toddler or two at home already; some are dealing with other life stressors so just finding the time to relax and unwind seems impossible. As fertility issues appear to be focused on the brain-pituitary-ovarian axis, stress, negative emotions, and unbalanced FSH can disrupt the hormonal communication between the brain, pituitary, and ovaries. So being stressed or overwhelmed only decreases the ovarian blood flow and egg production and so the pregnancy test says negative.

This is where Bowen therapy excels. Bowen therapy resets the nervous system which in turn balances out hormones, decreases stress levels and increases blood flow throughout the body. Likewise, Bowen therapy is ideal throughout the pregnancy cycle to keep everything in check as the baby develops.

Perimenopause is a whole new ball game and can come right out of nowhere – right when you are least expecting it. It can start as early as your early 40’s when life is just getting busy with kids in the home either busy curious little ones, or moody, pubescent teenagers.  It’s hard to juggle all the hormones in the house! Peri-menopause symptoms include:.

  • Irregular periods
  • Hot flashes and sleep problems.
  • Mood changes.
  • Vaginal and bladder problems.
  • Decreasing fertility.
  • Changes in sexual function.
  • Loss of bone.
  • Changing cholesterol levels.

Menopause is not diagnosed until you’ve gone 12 months without any period at all. Once you’ve passed through menopause, you’re in postmenopause. On average, most menopause symptoms last around 4 years from your last period. However, around 1 in every 10 women experience them for up to 12 years.

Bowen therapy has been used to help with a wide range of Women’s Health issues ranging from fertility to menopause, period pain, and endometriosis. However, the Hormone Release – the Bowen Way® work has honed specifically in this area with amazing results – in a natural, gentle and non-intrusive way.

Bowen therapy and the Hormone Release work for menopause treats the body as a whole and has been shown to help with various symptoms including hot flushes, tiredness, anxiety, sleeplessness and many other hormonal issues. Everyone is different and the number of sessions required will often vary. However, when working towards endometriosis or fertility goals there is a protocol following a woman’s cycle that should be adhered to over a set time.

Working with women in a safe space is wonderfully satisfying. Women, when they trust, will share and confide and be open towards new or alternate solutions.  And it is my privilege every day to be able to be there on their journey towards health and wellness in body, mind and spirit.

This was a wonderful email I received from a very happy client which absolutely made my day.

“I have been suffering from intense pain for almost a year due to autoimmune, hormone imbalances and IBD issues.

From the first treatment I noticed significant improvements.

Each treatment brings about more healing and huge impacts to my pain reduction and hormone balance.

I am amazed and in awe of Caroline’s skills and highly recommend her Bowen Therapy treatments to anyone suffering from any issue. Her caring and holistic manner is very comforting, she explains her treatments well and often messages me to check in on how my healing is progressing. Her treatment rooms are very relaxing with calming décor and music. I will be incorporating her treatments as a permanent part of my ongoing health management.”  

More about the author

Carolline Culleton
Caroline Culleton

Caroline Culleton is a Bowen therapist, Hormone Release® practitioner, TMJ therapist, and McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release® therapist. Passionate about holistic health she is currently undertaking a qualification in Brainworking Recursive Therapy (BWRT) to underpin previous counselling studies, to support her clients in body, mind and spirit. These sessions will be available online from June 2023.
Caroline practices from her home clinic in Bulimba, Brisbane and treats many conditions including musculoskeletal pain, stress and anxiety, women’s hormonal issues, epilepsy, TMJ conditions and more.
Clients love her compassionate and caring approach and feel deeply relaxed and nourished after her sessions. While many feel some relief after just one session, Bowen Therapy works best with 3-5 sessions. Chronic and complex conditions will require more sessions.
Caroline loves supporting her clients to feel better, move better and live better.