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Blood Pathology – What is your blood telling you?

By Rebecca Lang
from Bargara Beach Holistic Health Centre

It’s not uncommon for my clients to admit they haven’t had a blood test in a very long time, or  they have been told their results were “normal” without ever seeing them. I always encourage my clients to visit their GP for a comprehensive panel of blood tests covered by Medicare. If there are additional tests I believe are necessary for a deeper understanding of their health, I’ll request them myself, although these may not be covered under Medicare.

As a naturopath, I utilise alternative diagnostics like iridology and symptom analysis, but I’ve learned the importance of blood pathology in identifying urgent health issues that may require medical intervention.

Some clients opt to have all their blood tests through me, willing to cover the costs themselves. They find comfort in having a thorough assessment and bringing any significant findings to their doctor’s attention.

Take, for instance, a recent case where a client suffered from severe headaches and eye pain. She was on several medications for 2 years to treat this pain but it was not. It was still there, just not as intense, as long as she took the pain killers. She had a few basic blood tests this time but none that explained her pain. By delving deeper with tests for average blood sugar levels and liver function, we discovered she had diabetes with dangerously high levels. Levels too high to respond to natural medicine.  Her levels were acute and she needed medical attention from her doctor.

These were tests the client had decided to pay for privately.  We then printed them out for her to take to her doctor and her medication was immediately changed to diabetic medication and as her sugar levels levelled out her severe headaches and eye pain disappeared.  The medication she had been taking for her pain, also had a side effect of increasing her liver enzymes.  This was corrected with some gentle detoxing.  We then worked with her on her diet and education so overtime her medication may be able to be reduced under her doctors supervision.

In another instance, an iridology assessment flagged prostate concerns and high cholesterol levels in a client. Confirmatory blood tests revealed elevated PSA levels and cholesterol. While his prostate was ultimately deemed healthy (non cancerous, from a scan), dietary adjustments and natural interventions effectively managed his cholesterol and reduced his PSA levels.  Blood pathology continued to be closely monitored by his doctor, who was surprised at the improvements, and pharmaceutical medication was not prescribed.

Blood pressure screenings have also been crucial in identifying clients at risk, prompting immediate referrals for medical attention when necessary. While natural remedies can help manage mild cases, we prioritise our clients’ well-being by advocating for conventional treatment when needed.

Collaboration between natural and conventional medicine ensures the best outcomes for our clients. Educating them on potential interactions between natural remedies and pharmaceuticals is paramount, as is the role of qualified professionals in navigating these complexities.

Moreover, blood tests provide valuable insights into nutritional deficiencies, such as iron and B12, and the importance of vitamin D for immune and bone health. Understanding these markers empowers individuals to take control of their health proactively.

Hemochromatosis is also interesting when it comes to high iron or ferritin levels.  A woman may have had lowish iron through her younger years but after menopause suddenly a high ferritin is noticed and continues to increase.  This is also picked up more so when men are older as well.  However, if there is a family history, it is important to test much earlier.  There is often high ferritin in many people these days, which is not hemochromatosis and could be related to an increase in inflammation and/or the need for liver support.

You might want to talk to your doctor about yearly blood tests.  You can ask about tests for your liver, kidneys, full blood count, iron and thyroid studies, b12 and vitamin d, inflammatory factors, cholesterol studies and average blood sugar.

Some Naturopaths can also request blood pathology tests using private labs where the client pays the lab directly.  This can also be useful for tests that may not be covered under medicare.  For example, if your thyroid levels are within range medicare does not usually cover the costs of thyroid antibodies to rule out hashimotos and this might be a test you want to check.  A naturopath could request that one for you for around $50-$60 which you pay the lab directly, and your naturopath will have the results within 24 hrs.

There are many other calculations that can be done on the normal numbers in your bloods to analyse further information with diet and inflammatory conditions.  It is best to always ask for a copy of your blood tests, for your own records, as well as copies of any reports from scans.  That way if you move surgeries or location, you will always have your own medical records.  Blood tests can also be uploaded to the MyGov app now as well. Your blood tests really can tell a story over your life and sometimes it really helps to be able to go back in time to look if a number had been slowly going up or down, or had been elevated for a while.

Author Disclaimer The information provided in this article is for information purposes only and should not be taken as medical, nutritional, or health advice. We recommend you consult with a GP or other healthcare professional before taking any action based on this article. While the author uses best endeavors to provide accurate and true content, the author makes no guarantees or promises regarding the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of the information presented.

More about the author

Rebecca Lang
Rebecca Lang
– Bargara Beach Holistic Health Centre

Hello, my name is Rebecca Lang BHSc (Comp Med); Adv Dip Nat; Adv Dip Ntn: Adv Dip West. Herb.

– Naturopath, Nutritionist, Wellness Expert, Retreat Facilitator, Author, Entrepreneur

I grew up in Perth, not far out of Fremantle. I always felt a little bit different to everyone else as a child, I was very sensitive and seemed to feel things deeply. Before I even finished high school I had an interest in Naturopathy. I moved to Queensland to pursue my studies, and still live there now.

For the last 15 years I have owned and operated Bargara Beach Holistic Health Centre where I work as a Naturopath and a Nutritionist.  I consult for people in my local community and world wide via Telehealth.  I also own Of The Earth Juice Bar & Health Shop and Of The Earth Publishing.

I am passionate about educating people about their own body and the messages it is telling them and searching for the root cause. I use a synergistic approach using modern scientific and naturopathic testing to decipher many messages from the body and then treat with natural medicines and healthy food programs.

The testing can then be used to analyse the results and improvements over time. My goal is to help you with healing your body, mind and spirit so you can feel and see yourself the changes and improvements you have made, so you can be the best version of yourself, and achieve your goals.

Over the years, by testing for Oxidative Stress, I have seen that most humans, especially women, need to be detoxed regularly.  I now focus a lot in this area to assist with the prevention of disease and assisting people to age with wellness. I facilitate regular wellness retreats and wellness online programs.

I also believe in the best of both worlds of medicine. By safely combining natural medicines to assist in reducing side effects of pharmaceutical medicine, it may help to improve one’s quality of life on a daily basis. I believe in complimenting the medical and pharmaceutical systems and working towards the best health outcomes for my clients.

My personal interests include spending time with my family and pets, yoga, pilates, personal training, stand up paddleboarding, spending time at the ocean, meditation, cooking and gardening.