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50 Small Ways to Transform your Hormonal Health

By Chloe Collins
These are practical actionable’s & mindset shifts. Think of this like a checklist for the year, or health bingo! Choose one small thing per or week, without trying to do-it-all, for sustainability. It’s the small things that in combination, can and will make a massive difference in your health trajectory.
  1. Drink more water. It seems simple, but for most women whom I work with, this is a first step. Ensure to be drinking 1.5-2 litres of water per day. If you aren’t hitting that goal, this is your reminder to slowly increase your water intake.
  2. Eat slowly, chew your food. Do you really, truly chew your food? Or, are you eating in a rushed state? Slow down. Take your time and chew each mouthful to optimise digestion and improve your gut health.
  3. Focus on abundance not scarcity. When it comes to eating, focus on nourishment and getting as many good whole real foods in that you can, as opposed to a focus on restriction; leading to a scarcity mindset.
  4. Stop restricting food groups unless you have an intolerance. Cutting out major food groups is not ideal and is not sustainable. Balance and everything in moderation.
  5. Try drinking lemon water in the morning to help the liver cleanse itself and kickstart digestion.
  6. Remove guilt when it comes to eating or missing a workout. I once had a client label this the ‘Fuck-it mentality’. I encourage you to adopt this mentality as the guilt itself inside is worse than missing that workout or the treat that you ate.
  7. Look at yourself in the mirror and say ‘I love you’, just do it, trust me.
  8. Limit your screen time by using tools on your mobile phone. I personally use all of the tools available for the benefit of my own mental health.
  9. Add a greens & reds powder into your daily routine to get extra nutrients in with a quality organic food-based supplement.
  10. Throw out all of your old supplements & simplify your supplement regime to 1-2 things. Just because it’s in your cupboard, doesn’t mean it has to go into your body. Taking too many supplements isn’t ideal, speak to a professional about what you actually need.
  11. Turn off social media and email notifications on your phone, set a specific time to check them, you could even start a brand new email account with no spam or sales emails.
  12. Say no to things or events that you really don’t want to do or go to, to things that don’t serve your nature. Saying no is more authentic than an untrue yes.
  13. Start drinking green smoothies. Simply blend 1/2 a banana or an apple, organic dark leafy greens, coconut or filtered water, zucchini or cucumber together and voila, a nourishing green smoothie!
  14. Make your bed each morning. If you don’t already, this one small simple thing will have a big impact on your bedroom environment and how you feel.
  15. Stop drinking alcohol for a month. I recommend reading Quit like a Woman by Holly Whitaker if you’re curious about pausing drinking in a society in which social alcoholism is so deeply ingrained.
  16. Remove all accounts from your social media platforms that don’t serve you and replace them with ones who inspire you. After all, you are the sum of who you surround yourself with, even digitally.
  17. Cut your coffee intake down to 1 per day with food. Too much caffeine is not ideal for your female hormones, but one per day with food is ok.
  18. Season and roast a big tray of vegetables for the week ahead and have them in lunches, just add greens, grains and a form of protein.
  19. Eat dinner at the table, not on the couch. If you’ve fallen into habits, try migrating back to the table at dinner time so that you can focus on what you’re eating.
  20. Turn off the TV and your phone for no screen time an hour before bed. This will help you to fall asleep and improve the quality of your sleep.
  21. Develop a simple morning routine. 1-2 special little grounding things that you can do to set your day up each morning.
  22. Develop a simple night time routine. 1-2 little special restful things that you can do to support your body to wind down.
  23. Make big servings of soups, curries or stews and freeze the leftovers for lazy nights. Your future self will thank your past self!
  24. Put your clothes away to remove chaos. If you are a clothes-all-over-the-floor kind of person, spend an hour putting them away and maintain the tidiness.
  25. Present your meals in an aesthetically pleasing way, because you deserve the restaurant quality presentation and the care factor from yourself.
  26. Cry. Have a really good cry, whenever you can or need to, and feel the release. No one gets a medal for suppressing their tears.
  27. Reassess your diet and eating habits, you don’t have to stick to a way of eating that doesn’t work for you. I you have committed to a new way of eating, you can quit and reassess this at any time.
  28. Meditate, do this by walking, sitting down or lying down in silence and stilling the mind for 5 minutes.
  29. If you haven’t done so in a couple of years, go for a blood health check with your general practitioner to see where your nutrient levels are sitting, especially things like iron & vitamin D.
  30. Have a raw green side salad with lunch or dinner like rocket leaves dressed with EVOO & balsamic vinegar. This will support digestion and liver detoxification.
  31. Start a journal, write anything, let it be messy and unkempt, and lean into that. Try it and see what comes out when you put pen to paper.
  32. Shop at the local markets to get your hands on seasonal produce. This will ensure that your food is fresh and nutrient dense.
  33. Try new types of exercise or movement until you find something or even better, a community that you absolutely love. Invest in that, it’s priceless.
  34. Invest in personal development when it comes to mental, financial, or hormonal literacy. The most empowering thing that you can do is to invest in your own growth journey.
  35. Go outside for a walk in nature and get 20-30 minutes of sun per day to increase your vitamin D levels by synthesising the nutrient from the sun.
  36. Write a dot point inventory of everything good in your life, big and small, to foster an undeniable feeling of gratitude.
  37. Get creative, do something that the child in you loves like painting or making clay or boogie boarding in the ocean.
  38. Cook a pot of bone broth and use it as a base for your soups & stews to add nutrient density to your meals.
  39. Do something that is absolutely pointless, like running into the rain.
  40. Smile. Do it right now and see how it makes you feel.
  41. Make time to eat breakfast, seriously. It is the most Important meal of the day.
  42. Read a book, then another, then another. When self improvement is too much, lose yourself in a fantasy novel.
  43. Order takeaway when you just can not cook! I am giving you permission to order takeaway because a big part of holistic health is taking it easy on yourself.
  44. Do something random and kind for someone else. A random act of kindness.
  45. Focus on 3 nutrient dense main meals per day and try to cut out the snacking to support healthy blood sugar regulation and digestion.
  46. Put on a really good song and just dance alone, like no one is watching.
  47. Light a candle or use a warm light at night and stare at the blue sky in the morning to support your circadian rhythm. These simple practices active Serotonin (your wake hormone) and Melatonin (your sleep hormone).
  48. Listen to an inspiring podcast each week. Check out Chloe’s Clinic!
  49. Get professional help when you need it, this is easier said than done but there are so many people in this world that are here to support you.
  50. Work with me! There are several different capacities in which we can work together towards your thriving health. Learn more here.
I hope you are inspired to make small changes towards the bigger picture. It’s the little things in life!

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Chloe Collins
Chloe Collins

Chloe Collins a Clinical Nutritionist with a special passion in women’s hormonal health. She is on a mission to empower women with the correct information so that they can make the best possible decisions about their own body and health. Chloe is the host of a women’s health podcast called Chloe’s Clinic where she has vulnerable and important conversations. She has created a range of powerful online programs & eBooks for the purpose of making a positive impact in women’s lives worldwide.