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Lemon + ginger immuni-tea

Brought to you by Bare Health Studio

Ginger is one of our favourite teas when the weather gets cooler. Ginger is a beautiful antibacterial, anti-inflammatory (due to phenolic compound gingerol) and has antioxidant effects. It is also very warming, can help relieve nausea and is detoxifying.

Serves 2


1 inch of grated ginger

1 lemon juiced

1-2tsp of raw or manuka honey

2 cups of water


Steep ginger in 1 1/2 cups of boiling water or simmer covered (so you don’t lose any of the volatile oils) for 10 mins. Add ½ cup of cold water, to reduce the temperature, as Vitamin C content is lost in temperatures above 70 degrees. Add lemon juice and honey to taste.

About the Author

Bare Health Studio was founded by clinical nutritionist, Anushka Malcolm and clinical naturopath, Lily Zurlino.
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