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Easy 3-step Digestion-boosting Oxymel

Brought to you by Sulin Sze

This delicious Nasturtium Oxymel is made in 3 easy steps, and can become your trusty digester booster as part of general health maintenance or even a detoxification protocol. It contains the bitter, fiery flowers and mucilaginous stems and leaves of the Nasturtium plant, which flourishes every Spring. You can substitute the fresh plant for dried Nasturtium if you like, just halve the quantity (i.e only fill half the jar with plant).

The Oxymel is a classic, tasty, nutrient dense herbal medicine that you can easily make at home to help you cleanse your body. Oxymels combine herbs with a solvent of vinegar and honey, and this mixture infuses for 2 weeks until the medicine is ready.


  • Enough Nasturtium flowers, leaves and stems to fill a 300mL jar. Aim to keep the proportions of each plant part equal.
  • 100mL organic Apple Cider Vinegar (one which includes ginger is ideal for boosting digestive fire)
  • 30mL Glycerin (Food Grade, should either be a commercial ingestible glycerin like the Herbal Extracts one here, or show “B.P” on the label)
  • 30mL Honey (preferably source honey from your local area)


  • Salad spinner to wash leaves and stems
  • 1x 300mL glass jar with or without lid
  • Wax paper and a couple rubber bands
  • Clean muslin for straining
  • Funnel for straining


First gather fresh Nasturtium flowers, leaves and stems from the garden and gently wash the leaves and stems with water, and spin in a salad spinner. Shake the flowers to release any contaminants and lay on paper towels for a few hours to let any tiny insects crawl out. Then you’re ready to make medicine!

  1. Combine the plant with the solvent in a clean, sterilised glass jar. Add plant first, then top with solvent composed of apple cider vinegar, glycerin and honey. Stir to combine and ensure the plant is covered by solvent.
  2. Cover with wax paper, using strong rubber bands to create a seal around the glass. You can then cover with plastic cling wrap or the original jar lid. Leave to infuse in a dark place at room temperature for 2 weeks. Ensure plant is covered by solvent at all times.
  3. After the two weeks is up, strain the mixture using muslin placed into a funnel. Retain the liquid and store in a clean, sterilised glass bottle with a plastic lid. Throw the spent herbs on the garden. Your oxymel is ready for use!

Approximate yield: 160mL final oxymel ready for use

Recommended daily dosage: note this is not a therapeutic does of Nasturtium, because this medicine is intended to boost digestion, not to treat any specific digestive disorder. I recommend:

Adults: 10-20mL before meals

Ages 6 – 12: 20 drops in water before meals

Contraindications: Not suitable for babies due to the honey content. Not suitable for young children under 6 years of age. Please check for bee allergy before using. If using in dehydrated individuals ensure plenty of water is consumed, due to the glycerin content. I generally don’t recommend warming digestives for those with reflux.

About the Author

Sulin Sze: Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist, Educator, Fellow Member ATMS

I’m Sulin, a post-graduate trained clinical Naturopath and Herbalist and Fellow of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society. For the past 18 years I’ve provided individualized health plans for everything from gut health, hormone imbalance, sleep disturbance, anxiety and children’s ailments. I also write academic courses for naturopathy students and supervise their clinic training, and run my own herbal school, Wild Medicine Academy.

When you see me you’ll get access to my unique holistic approach, nutritional guidance and my own crafted herbal elixirs! I bring the best of ancient and contemporary to the table. I’m all about working with you to transform your health and get you closer to living your best life.

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