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Practitioner insights from a Reflexologist

By Sue Larkin
from Sue's Healing Haven

Meet Sue Larkin ATMS Practitioner of Reflexology

Sue Larkin is a professional reflexologist who turned to natural medicine to heal herself.  Sue has now run her own clinic in Concord for over 15 years, Sue’s Healing Haven, which offers reflexology,

Why did you get into natural medicine?

My journey to natural medicine was through first-hand experience, I was a busy mum and high school teacher when I became sick with IBS. I lost a lot of weight, had abdominal pain and couldn’t sleep.

Like many others, I first went down the conventional medical route, trying everything I could but nothing seemed to be working. That is, until I decided to visit a natural medicine practitioner who advised me on nutrition, herbs and pro-biotics. Combining this approach with meditation, I made a full recovery.

This was the turning point for me, I’ve always been interested in how the body and mind affect each other and so it really opened my eyes to natural medicine. I enrolled at Nature Care College, after 3 years of training, study and clinical experience, I qualified for a health fund provider number as a recognised complementary health practitioner and became a member of the ATMS.

Tell us more about your modality?

Reflexology focuses on the flow of energy through the body, it targets the pathways to the organs, bones and the brain. Blockages along these pathways (meridians), are mirrored in the feet and through releasing these crystalline blockages with specific massage techniques, the body can begin to heal itself.

Integrative medicine is the way forward to achieving holistic health. As complementary health practitioners we can also work collaboratively with doctors and refer to other disciplines to get the best outcomes for each client. For example, reflexology is accepted at the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse centre for cancer in Sydney.

In a typical clinic session, a full case history of the client’s health is taken into account. The practitioner then determines a relevant treatment plan and technique.

Why are you passionate about natural medicine?

It works! There is great joy in seeing your client feel better again and empowering the client to heal themselves. In additional natural medicine keeps you young and can be a form of preventative medicine from birth and into the senior years.

Natural medicine is a process – it is often a journey, learning about yourself, with the assistance and support of your practitioner.

Our motto at Sue’s Healing Haven is “Feel good again – one step at a time with professional reflexology!”

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