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Optimising Fertility with Natural Medicine


May 22, 2023
| 12:00pm
– 1:30pm AEST

Discover ways to optimise your fertility naturally, and what minor or major obstacles can be getting in the way of you being pregnant.

This webinar is right for you if:
•You dream of having your healthiest baby possible
•You’ve been trying to get pregnant and it’s just not happening as quickly as you hoped
•You have miscarried or had at least one unsuccessful IVF cycle
•You have been diagnosed with PCOS, endometriosis or have irregular cycles
•You’re tired of waiting cycle after cycle, doing the same thing and getting the same result – no pregnancy
•You’re worried you won’t be able to conceive and wondering if there is anything else you can do that will help

In this free webinar you will explore essential fertility foundations, including:
– A healthy body is a fertile body
– Know your fertility window
– Importance of sperm quality
– Lifestyle factors negatively impacting your fertility
– Essential fertility testing

Hosted by

Rebecca Screen
I'm Rebecca Screen, a qualified Naturopath. I've dedicated over twenty years to help people achieve their ultimate health goals to unlock and address the obstacles getting in their way month after month of waiting to get pregnant. What I am most passionate about is helping to create the healthiest babies possible.

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Rebecca Screen