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How to Grow your own medicinal herb garden MASTERCLASS

Jun 13, 2022
| 9:00am
– 5:00pm AEST

In this Masterclass, you will learn how to be more self-sufficient. You will learn how to build your own medicinal garden, grow and store your medicinal herbs and take a deep dive into how these plants are beneficial for you and your family’s health.
Take the course at your own pace and once you buy it you keep it for life.
The course is offered for $50 and takes you through growing, harvesting, drying, storing, tincturing, and making (recipes included) beautiful medicinal products and medicines.
Course curriculum includes:
1. Introduction
2. How to grow a potted herb garden
3. Making a New Garden Bed
4. Planting
5. It’s time to Harvest!
6. Harvesting
7. Drying
8. Storage of your herbs
9. Tincturing
10. BONUS recipes
11. Conclusion
The course comes with a recommendation to purchase a purposefully built Android app “The Herbalists Calculator” to assist with all your tincturing calculation requirements.


Hosted by

Alyson Maier
Green Heart Herbals
Alyson Maier is a passionate Naturopathic Herbalist, Mother and Shamanic Practitioner with a desire to have a positive impact on our environments (external and internal) – this means not just what we eat, drink or medicate our bodies with, but how we cleanse our minds, hearts, and souls and our interactions with the natural world around us.

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Alyson Maier