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Happy Healthy Hormones

May 23, 2022
| 1:00pm
– 2:00pm AEST

Hormone imbalance affects your whole life. Whether you are already sick or you just want to stay healthy, the basic principles are the same.  All that changes is the detail specific to you.  And thats where the magic happens.

In a decade of working with hormone imbalance, Karen has learned that there are 3 key areas which are often overlooked when a supplement or diet plan is prescribed.  Modern techniques are busy figuring out the imbalance and prescribing a little bit of this and blocking a little bit of that which  often leads to a confused body.  Your body has infinite wisdom and we so often get in the way of letting it do its thing.

This presentation is all about looking at the simple things you can do to build a good basis for happy, healthy, hormones as well as to introduce you to how you can balance your hormones naturally.

Karen Thorley

Hosted by

Karen Thorley
Plantiful Health
I have a passion for all things simple. I am trained in using herbs and nutritional supplements in healing. I have since gone on to study how real food can be just as effective. True and lasting healing comes when the right foods, thoughts, behaviours and habits are practiced every day. Drugs and surgeries should be a last resort.

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