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Eating well for reproductive health, fertility and pregnancy

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Eating well is the starting place for any health issue, but there are specific considerations when supporting reproductive health and fertility, and preparing for and supporting a healthy pregnancy.

In this short Zoom presentation Francesca will cover, in general terms, how diet can help provide the building blocks for a healthy hormonal and endocrine system, support most reproductive health conditions, as well as provide the essential nutrient base for healthy embryo development once pregnancy is achieved. This presentation will be based on her many decades of experience in treating a wide range of health issues, but will not cover specific conditions or concerns of individual sensitivities, allergies etc.

Q & A will follow, and attendants will be offered discounts if they book for our naturopathic, pregnancy or conception programs.


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Francesca Naish
The Jocelyn Centre for Natural Fertility Management
Francesca Naish, founder of the Jocelyn Centre, pioneered the concept of preconception health care through her many books and digital guides. Her company, Natural Fertility Management, and the dedicated practitioners at the Jocelyn Centre, have over 40 years of experience in supporting women and men with all aspects of reproductive health.

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Francesca Naish