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5 Steps to take when you have been diagnosed with Endometriosis

May 20, 2024
| 7:00pm
– 8:00pm AEST

Does this apply to you?
You’ve just been diagnosed with Endometriosis and you feel relieved to be able to put a name to your symptoms. But you also feel confused or overwhelmed about the disease and what it may mean for your future. You want to do something to reduce your confusion or overwhelm but don’t know where to start.
If you said Yes to any or all of these, you’re in the right place!
In this workshop I will take you through 5 steps you can take right now to reduce your confusion or overwhelm and will explain more about what you can do to manage your symptoms.
Here’s what you will learn:
❓ Common and not so common symptoms of Endometriosis
❓ 5 Things you can do right now to learn more about Endometriosis
🥦How diet affects your symptoms and 4 diet changes to make right now to start feeling better

Anne-Marijke Gerretsen

Hosted by

Anne-Marijke Gerretsen
The Endometriosis Nutritionist
Hi, I'm Anne-Marijke Gerretsen (call me AMG). I am a qualified Nutritionist. I'm on a mission to make ALL women and those assigned female at birth with Endometriosis aware of the role of diet in their symptoms, so they can make an informed decision about how to best manage their Endometriosis and live more of life.

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Anne-Marijke Gerretsen