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4 ways in which Naturopaths can Support Patients with their Oncology Journey

By Carla Wrenn
from Peninsula Herbal Dispensary

Welcome to PROSPER, the forefront of natural cancer care in Australia.

I’m Carla Wrenn, a Naturopath and Nutritionist with a passion for supporting individuals through the complexities of cancer diagnosis, treatment and survivorship with evidence-based complementary medicine and integrative oncology strategies through my program PROSPER Natural Cancer Care. With over two decades of experience and accolades including the Australian Traditional Medicine Society Practitioner of the Year 2023, I’m here to support you with the knowledge and tools to navigate your cancer journey with comprehensive, personalised care, hope, and confidence.

A Holistic Approach to Cancer Support

PROSPER Natural Cancer Care embodies a multifaceted approach to oncology helping people with cancer safely blend conventional treatments with evidence-based complementary strategies. Principles of integrative oncology are laid out by the Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians and Society of Integrative Oncology. Let’s explore the pillars of this comprehensive approach:

  1. Minimising Treatment Side Effects: Cancer treatments can often bring challenging side effects, impacting quality of life. Through research evident herbal, nutritional and lifestyle medicine techniques, including turmeric, green tea (EGCG), medicinal mushrooms, vitamin D, mind-body practices, and tailored dietary interventions. I aim to mitigate these effects and promote your overall wellbeing.
  2. Research-backed Supplements for Chemoprevention: Complementing conventional oncology treatments – ‘chemopreventation’ refers to the administration of a medication or supplements for the purpose of preventing disease development, addressing the ‘terrain’ of cancer growth and aiming to reduce risks to progression. Evidence-based supplements play a crucial role in addressing underlying factors or ‘Hallmarks of Cancer’ contributing to cancer progression. By safely integrating these supplements into your treatment plan, I strive to optimise outcomes and support your body’s own cancer defences.
  3. Addressing Comorbidities: Co-existing health conditions can complicate cancer treatment, influence outcomes, and affect quality of life. By addressing these comorbidities with personalised management strategies, I aim to optimise your health and resilience, while also enhancing your ability to navigate your overall longer-term wellbeing.
  4. Education on Lifestyle Medicine: Considering diet and lifestyle factors including nutrition, movement, sleep, purpose, stress management – these lifestyle factors wield immense research evident benefits in cancer prevention and management. Through education and guidance, I create a personalised plan to make informed choices that support your body’s natural healing processes.

Your Path to Empowerment

Whether you or your loved one are experiencing cancer – at diagnosis, during or after treatment; PROSPER Natural Cancer Care and complementary medicine may assist you to optimise your health, minimise side effects and promote overall well-being. While helping you feel confident to safely use natural medicines.

Don’t hesitate to reach out – you can find more information at

More about the author

CarlaWrenn Photo 2024.5
Carla Wrenn
– Peninsula Herbal Dispensary

Carla Wrenn is an Integrative Naturopath & Nutritionist. Completing a Bachelor of Health Science in 2001 and practicing for 22 years.

As a passionate learner Carla also completed postgraduate studies in Integrative Oncology, Autoimmune Diseases and Functional Medicine within Australia and the USA. Carla’s time is spent consulting in the areas of complex and chronic diseases, especially Long COVID and Oncology support.

Carla is the owner of Peninsula Herbal Dispensary & Naturopathic Clinic, where Carla works with 11 Naturopaths and a support team, who love providing Acute Care, consultations, and lifestyle retail offerings to their Mornington Peninsula community and beyond.

Carla is a passionate advocate for all we have to offer as Naturopathic and Complementary Medicine Practitioners. She values industry collaboration and has spent the last 8 years training over 1000 Practitioners in her courses including Vitae Mosaic – Naturopathic Functional Medicine, PROSPER Oncology Support Training for Practitioners and more recently in Long COVID. You can learn more about Carla’s newest clinic Long COVID CARE at

In November 2023 Carla was delighted to be awarded Australian Traditional Medicine Society Practitioner of the Year for 2023.

You can contact Carla and learn more at