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Student of the Year 2022 Winner Q&A

By Zoe Rosa
from Endeavour College

What attracted you to the natural medicine industry as a career choice?

I never grew up knowing what a naturopath was and always used mainstream medicine. It wasn’t until my acne came back for the fourth time after rounds of antibiotics and Roaccutane that I decided I was going to try healing it naturally. I came across what a naturopath was after internet searching and began working with one. I was instantly fascinated by the natural medicine industry and wanted to be able to help others like I was helped.

Which therapy type interested you the most and why?

I fell in love naturopathy due its holistic view and its purpose of getting to the root cause of the issue. I loved a naturopath’s focus on educating the client on understanding their body and how the herbs and nutrients work to balance disease.

Tell us about the course that you’re completing and what you enjoy the most.

I am completing a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy. I enjoy the smaller cohorts at Endeavour College as you get to build a close relationship with the lecturers and other peers. I also love learning about different conditions, pathology and the ways we can help to treat these conditions.

Have you completed student clinic? If so, what are some of the key learnings you’ve discovered?

Yes, I am finishing student clinic now and only have two weeks left. I have learnt how to build rapport and professional relationships with my clients. Creating a space where they feel comfortable and understood is an essential skill to allowing the client to open up and to build their confidence and compliance.

What is one thing you’ve learnt in your studies that surprises / interests you?

Just how complex women’s hormones are and how a natural cycle can be really beneficial for our emotional, mental and physical health. It was also interesting to learn how diet, lifestyle and herbal medicine can be used to balance our hormones and regulate our menstrual cycles. The more I learn about women’s hormones, the more I realise that when we are in tune with our cycle we can live from a place of intention and avoid burning out.

What are your plans for when you graduate?

I am planning to start to build an online clinic and community for women and men with acne. Due to my history of 10 years with acne, I have a deep passion for helping others in this area as I know how emotional and physically taxing it is.

How do you think people will benefit from your chosen natural medicine therapy?

My goal is to give my clients long term change to their skin. To really address the root cause of their acne and not just a short term fix. I want to empower people to understand how their body works. Everyone is different and can have various root causes for their acne.

The power of naturopathy is through our individualised treatment to the person in front of us, using tailored herbal medicine and diet changes to treat their underlying causes.

What is your hope for the future of the natural medicine industry?

My hope for the natural medicine industry is that we continue to grow and develop as an industry. Continue to support each other in all our individual strengths and work together as a team to heal our communities.

How will this award influence you in your future endeavours?

This award has motivated me to continue to give back to the community. It also has inspired me, through seeing and meeting the other practitioners involved in this award and what others in the natural medicine field are doing for our community. It has given me the confidence to make the transition from leaving college to beginning my own business in natural medicine.

What does it mean to you to win this award?

This award means a lot to me. It feels special to be recognised for my work and contributions. I hope it also inspires other students to stay on their path and not give up on their dreams. It took me a while to find a degree that felt truly aligned. No matter what other people say about your career or study choices, if you are passionate, you truly will excel and shine in it.

More about the author

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Zoe Rosa
– Endeavour College

Zoe Rosa is in her final year of Naturopathy at Endeavour College of Natural Health. During her time at the student clinic, she was able to support her clients and produce great results for them. Zoe has been a part of volunteer programs including Lauren Lacey's Nutrition and Public Health volunteer programs.