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Yummy Dairy Free Cashew and Macadamia Yoghurt

Brought to you by Caroline van der Mey
from Healing Solutions

Who knew making dairy free yoghurt could be easy and fun.

I certainly didn’t!

On a whim I bought a yoghurt maker and decided to give it a go.

This is my go to recipe.


2 cups of Cashews – raw

1.5 cups of Macadamia milk

1 teaspoon cider vinegar

2 teaspoons vanilla essence

1 pinch salt

1 teaspoon probiotic powder



Glass jug

Kettle – for boiling water

Strainer – prefer stainless steel

Blender – or stick blender and jug

Yoghurt maker.


  1. Soak cashews. I like to soak my cashews in a glass jar. I soak them in boiling filtered water and if I can I let them sit over night. In a push I will soak them for 4 hours. Pour boiling water over your cashews and once they are covered add some more water – about another 3 to 5 cm in the container.
  2. When you are ready use your strainer to drain off the soaking water and rinse the cashews. I start with boiling water and then finish with some cold. Rinse till the water runs clear,
  3. Next is blending – either use a blender or a stick blender. Add your cashews to your container to blend, add macadamia milk, cider vinegar, vanilla essence and salt and blend till smooth.
  4. Add probiotic powder and use a silicon spatula or wooden spoon to mix this into your mixture
  5. Pour your mixture into your yoghurt maker jars and turn yoghurt maker on. Leave for 8 to 10 hours
  6. Remove your yogurt from yoghurt maker and place in fridge to cool. Yoghurt is ready to eat when it has cooled
  7. Add fresh or frozen fruit and enjoy.



I use cider vinegar that has the mother – and just strain as I am adding to mix.

You can use probiotic capsules – I have not done this – you probably need 3

and split the capsule and add the powder to the mix.

I love adding macadamia milk and the one I use has some added gums which help with setting the yoghurt – it is not essential and I have made the yoghurt with just water.

I have made this yoghurt using a mix of macadamia and cashew nuts and that works well too.

If you don’t have a yoghurt maker and live in a warm climate the yoghurt will ferment if you leave it is a warm place for 24 hours.

About the Author

I have been a practitioner since 1994 and am a current member of ATMS and the Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists.

I am passionate about natural health and helping others on their healing journey. Iridology is a key area of interest for me and as well as physical iridology I have studied Rayid and Personality iridology with the original founders of these techniques.

Being able to see eyes through magnification gives great insight into the persons health and personality. I love sharing my knowledge with others and this has lead me to lecturing at local naturopathic colleges as well as overseas.

I also run courses sharing my knowledge with others on a variety of topics including Nutrition, Iridology, Intuitive Healing, Tissue Salts, Flower Essence and more. As a naturopath, I see people with all sorts of health issues, and have specific interest in thyroid related health issues, autoimmune conditions, digestive health and the body mind connection.

This has led me to have a great understanding of the nervous system and how stress is intimately related to many of the health conditions that are prevalent today.

I always look forward to being part of Natural Medicine Week as it gives me a chance to share my knowledge with those who may not normally get to meet me.