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Insights from a Natural Medicine Practitioner


Meet Deborah Shepherd, Gratitude™ and organiser of the Embrace Life Festivals

Deborah Shepherd ran her own clinic for 2.5 years before creating Gratitude™, a co-operative movement focused on raising the profile of the wellness industry and facilitating connections between businesses and their customers. Deborah also holds diplomas in aromatherapy and energetic healing, and certification in astrology, numerology and reiki which she uses in her own individual practice.

Why did you get into Natural Medicine?

The transition into Natural Medicine was part of a personal journey for me, I was in a high pressure corporate job which put me under immense stress. I realised I needed to find balance in my life which ultimately led me to explore different ways to cope and improve my health.

I started off studying whilst still working and realised pretty quickly that it was making a big difference in my life. I wanted to use that to help other people who may also be struggling to cope. I decided to create my own healing clinic and ran this successfully for 2.5 years until I realised based on my background, I had more to give the industry as a whole.

Tell us about your modality?

During my time as a Natural Medicine Practitioner, I developed sessions incorporating ways to engage all of the physical senses. Providing wellbeing support through combining energy healing, colour, sound, massage, touch and flower essences.

My coaching style aligned with an understanding of astrology and numerology, also supported people through their many stages of their wellbeing journey, as we were able to view circumstances from many angles giving confidence and clarity to move forward.

Why are you passionate about Natural Medicine?

It enables us all to be proactive in our health, and the quality of our life. The days of being in the corporate world were stressful both physically and emotionally. Natural medicine empowered me to take my life back into my own hands, make changes and improve my health.

Natural Medicine can change a person’s outlook on health and wellbeing. I want people who experience stress or are looking for answers for their wellbeing concerns, to know they have this available to them. Invest time looking after your total wellbeing, explore and find the source of your concerns while engaging with the natural medicine and ultimately play an active role in your own health and wellbeing.

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