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Wise Traditions Diet for Hormone Health

The Wise Traditions diet ensures adequate intake of a variety of healthy traditional fats, moderate to small amounts of pastured or wild sources of protein, generous servings of organic vegetables and fruits, lacto-fermented vegetables and fruits for gut health, raw and cultured dairy products and moderate to small amounts of properly prepared grains, legumes, nuts and seeds.

In the pursuit of hormone balancing, we must consider the long-term effects of our chosen therapies. Whenever possible, choose non-toxic therapies that encourage your finely designed hormonal system to adapt to the changing seasons of life. Ignore the media’s messages that to be forever twenty. Honor the changing season of life and never underestimate the regenerative and recuperative powers of the incredible human body. It is possible to restore strength and balance to your endocrine system at any age.

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Brenda Rogers
Quintessence Health
Brenda is a naturopath and master nutritionist. She's a chapter leader for the Weston A Price Foundation and huge advocate of the Wise Traditions Diet.

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