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Winter Cleanse & Immune Health Reset

May 24, 2022
| 7:30pm
– 8:30pm AEST

Cleansing reveals what lies beneath – symptoms & disease masked by sugar, caffeine & processed food, uppers & downers & all the things we do to prop ourselves up or numb ourselves out. Cleansing creates an opportunity to heal, nourish, regulate & reset a dis-stressed & dis-eased mind & body.
What I’ll be covering over the hour:
– Why we cleanse seasonally
– Symptoms that call for a cleanse & health reset
– How we identify toxins
– How the body cleanses
– Who a cleanse is for
– What a cleanse isn’t
– How a cleanse & health reset bolsters immunity
– What are the 5 top things you can do immediately to help you kick start a winter cleanse & strengthen immunity

A gift to you: By simply joining us & turning up on the night, you will be given a $20.00 gift voucher to spend on any product online.

How to join the Zoom: You will receive an email with a Zoom Link.

Apotheca by Anthia

Hosted by

Anthia Koullouros
Apotheca By Anthia
Presented by Naturopath Anthia Koullouros. I will be sharing over 27 years of cleansing experience - both clinical & personal, debunking cleanse & detox myths, and why a good cleanse is as simple as pairing back what ails our minds & bodies and switches on our innate healing powers.

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Anthia Koullouros