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The Intuitive Gut – What is your gut trying to tell you?

Do you have an unhappy gut or unhappy mind? Are you stressed, anxious or suffering from IBS or IBD? Then you need to join me for this free webinar to look beyond those symptoms!
In this webinar we will talk about your gut as the second brain, how your microbiome plays a huge role in creating balance or imbalance in your connections between your gut and brain, what is the vagus nerve, and health issues that may arise when your gut is not happy!
We will also review strategies to improve your vagal tone and microbiome health.

Natalie Hume

Hosted by

Natalie Hume
In Natures Hands
Natalie is a qualified Naturopath and specialises in Digestive Health. Natalie had been an educator in the Natural Medicine Industry for over 15 years supporting practitioners in their clinics and helping them achieve the best results with their patients and practice. Natalie practice online at In Natures Hands supporting patients with gut issues.

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Natalie Hume