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Self Havening technique for stress reduction

May 25, 2023
| 7:30pm
– 9:00pm AEST

Havening Technique is a relatively new alternative therapy technique that incorporates the use of touch (self or practitioner applied) and mind distractions.
It aims to reduce stress and anxiety that can arise from being triggered by a negative memory or situation.
The technique works by changing the pathways in the brain that are linked to the emotional distress you are experiencing.

In this 90 min workshop you will learn how to apply this technique to yourself in order to reduce your stress and anxiety at any time or place.

Nikki Lucas Psychotherapy

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Nikki Lucas
Nikki Lucas Psychotherapy
My work as a remedial massage therapist over the past two decades has given me huge insight into the impact of people emotions on their bodies. This interest has inspired me to complete a Masters in counselling and Psychotherapy, and many other body centred modalities such as Havening Techniques and Sensorymotor Psychotherapy.

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