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Midlife, Menopause & Pain – Gut flora, gluten & GAPS

Pain, as we enter our 50s, is complex, inconvenient and uncomfortable. And pain disorders such as autoimmune conditions are extremely common.

Reproductive hormones protect us to some degree, so as they withdraw at menopause, we can be left sleepless and exhausted by constant pain and discomfort.

Gut health and immunity play an important role in the inflammatory conditions such as autoimmune conditions but a lot can be done to restore optimal health.

In this webinar you’ll learn about:
1. How inflammation worsens at menopause and what you can do to intervene
2. Options for reducing pain that don’t interfere with medication
3. Foods that promote inflammation and how to avoid them without feeling like you’re missing out
4. Case histories of others who have freed themselves of pain and discomfort so they can live their purpose and passion

This will be a fast-paced, information-packed webinar designed to give you new insights into healing your body naturally.

This event will also be held on Tuesday 24 May, 7:30 – 8:30pm AEST. Click here to go to that event page. 

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Hosted by

Brenda Rogers
Quintessence Health
Brenda is a naturopath and life coach who loves science and the more mysterious arts such as iridology and energy medicine. She’s a wisdom teacher; nutrition educator specialising in nutrient- dense, traditional foods; transformational coach; public speaker; wellness blogger; Art of Feminine Presence teacher; aspiring author; and Retreat leader.

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