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Good Gut Health is more than your Poop!


May 24, 2022
| 7:30pm
– 8:30pm AEST
Wanting to support your mood, immune system, skin and mental health – let’s talk about your gut!

Naturopath, Rachel Aldridge from In Nature’s Hands brings you this webinar on Good Gut Health!

Often when we hear people talk about “gut health” we automatically think about just our digestive system … how often we are doing a poop, do we get tummy pains, are we farting a lot and so on.

Good gut health is WAAAAY more than this!

Did you know that a happy gut is linked to a happy mind, clear skin, a strong immune system, balanced hormones and how well are metabolism is working!

As part of ATMS Natural Medicine Week let me talk to you about how important your gut is and what you can easily implement each day to keep your gut, and the rest of you, happy and healthy!

Rachel Aldridge

Hosted by

Rachel Aldridge
In Nature's Hands
Gut health is my jam! I love it & as a qualified naturopath I love working with you on bringing back balance to your gut! My passion for naturopathy and gut health was sparked when I was experiencing my own gut issues many years ago and the only person who could bring everything back into balance was a naturopath.

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Rachel Aldridge