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Constipation 101

Why you could be constipated and what you can do about it!

Naturopath, Rachel Aldridge from In Nature’s Hands brings you this webinar on Constipation.

Being constipated is no laughing matter – it can dictate your life, whether it is your gut that is being difficult or that of your child.

Join me for this free event as part of ATMS Natural Medicine Week while I talk about what exactly is constipation (spoiler alert – you can still be do a poop every day!), why it could be happening to you and what you can put into action right now to turn things around!

Rachel Aldridge

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Rachel Aldridge
In Nature's Hands
Gut health is my jam! I love it & as a qualified naturopath I love working with you on bringing back balance to your gut! My passion for naturopathy and gut health was sparked when I was experiencing my own gut issues many years ago and the only person who could bring everything back into balance was a naturopath.

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Rachel Aldridge