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Are you Feeling Trapped by your IBS?

Is IBS keeping you at home or searching for the closest toilets? Then let’s chat about ways to improve your gut health!

Naturopath, Natalie Hume from In Nature’s Hands brings you this webinar on IBS!

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is more than just going to the toilet too much or not going to the toilet enough! There can be an array of symptoms that can be ruling your life! Many of these make you run to the closest bathroom or leave you not wanting to have that dinner out with friends due to food triggers.

Let’s help you break free!

In this free talk for ATMS Natural Medicine Week we will look at the physical symptoms of IBS, key drivers and 6 strategies to improve your gut health for a happier you!

Natalie Hume

Hosted by

Natalie Hume
In Nature's Hands
Natalie is a qualified Naturopath and specialises in Digestive Health. She has been an educator within the natural medicine space for over 15 years. It was Natalie's own experience with digestive issues as a teenager that lead her down the naturopath path and into a love of gut health.

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