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Combining Massage & Floatation (REST) Reduced Environment Stimulation Therapy Sessions

By Luisa Scire
from City Cave Bella Vista

For a comprehensive body mind recovery session, I cannot go past recommending this combination to Clients!

As a massage therapist at City Cave Bella Vista, I am always advising my clients how fabulous it would be to have a float session after their massage treatment. You are now primed for the experience, your body is flooded with neurotransmitters, you are feeling blissful, calm, Reduction in muscular tension, Reduction in stress hormone cortisol, feeling good. Now let’s take your recovery to the next level, Put on a your robe walk to your float room where you shower and step into a shallow pool saturated with generous amount of Magnesium sulphate ( 400kgs Epsom salt ) water is set at body temperature , You are now Floating.

There is a lot of positive research on the affects of floatation on mental health

The most recent article that I read on a study reporting the benefits of Floatation Session – 31 Participants with High Anxiety sensitivity.

Floatation ” Generated a significant anxiolytic effect characterize by reduction in state of anxiety and muscle tension and increases in feelings of relaxation and serenity. Significate blood pressure reductions “. (1)

This is ideal for Mood disorders including PTSD. The above study registered with participants that were both medicated and non-medicated.

A great Stress Reducer, it is another tool to use as a support mechanism in our daily lives.

Let talk about Magnesium,

The high concentration of magnesium sulphates in the water in float pools helps regulate some important minerals in the body like calcium, potassium, and sodium – Magnesium natural muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory all putting yourself in a better position to drift off to sleep.

Most frequently found in studies is the increase in Theta- Activity, (brainwave state)

Theta waves are high-amplitude but slow-cycling brain waves — frequenting only 4-7 times per second. Theta waves are associated with dreaming sleep, super learning, creativity, daydreaming, and deep meditation. (Ideal for creativity, insight & inspiration) when your brain is producing theta brain waves, you will feel deeply, deeply relaxed. (2)

Anxiety, Muscular Tension, Mood Disorders and Insomnia are positively affected by Floatation.

The overall feeling is that together the benefits overlap with Massage Therapy and Floatation (REST) making them a power couple for all of us in needs of Reduced Stress, Increase creativity.


(1) The elicitation of relaxation and interoceptive awareness using floatation therapy in individuals with high anxiety sensitivity. Justin S. Feinstein, Sahib S. Khalsa, Hung Yeh, Obada Al Zoubi, Armen C Arevian, Colleen Wohlrab, Marie K. Pantino, Laci J Cartmell, W. Kyle Simmons, Murray B. Stein and Martin P Paulus.

(2) Curing the sick and creating supermen – How relaxation in floatation tanks is advertise on the internet – Kristoffer Jonsson, Anette Kjellgren

-European Journal of Integrative Medicine 6 (2014) 601-609

More about the author

Luisa Scire
– City Cave Bella Vista

Luisa Scire holds a Diploma Remedial Massage Therapist and has been practicing since 2008. She is interested in self-regulating nervous system through complementary therapies.

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