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Keri Hogarth

Naturopath ~ Nutritionist ~ Herbalist ~ Hatha Yoga Teacher

Keri has spent the last 20 years as a Nutritionist, Herbalist and Naturopath and is a fervent health advocate for preventative health.

Keri uses Nutritional and Herbal Medicine in her practice. She is a personable, intuitive practitioner, able to sift through health issues finding the ‘driver’ of your current ill health.

She will work with you to design a constructive achievable health plan. This allows you to improve incrementally, to give time for adaption toward a healthier long term lifestyle.

Specialities include stress, digestion, allergies, skin complaints. Keri has further experience managing infertility, anxiety, exhaustion and fatigue, inflammation, leaky gut, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, weight issues, child and senior health.

As an experienced practitioner, Keri has a realistic philosophy of adapting a client’s needs to what is achievable within their current situation.

Keri will work with you and for you.