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Karen Thomas-Roby

Senior Acupuncturist - 10 years experience - Bachelor Health Science - Acupuncture

Karen has been involved in the health industry for many years. Perviously working at a local natural food store for nearly a decade. She was inspired to set up her own business after spending time with the Gyuto Monks in Darwin ten years ago.

She holds a Bachelor of Health Science in Chinese Acupuncture – master trained in Japanese Acupuncture and Kiiko – a gentle technique using fine delicate needles that work on the meridian therapy and rice-grain moxibustion.

Karen believes that Soulqi can be interpreted as having a SOUL in everything and all of the treatments offered are provided with loving guidance, compassion and with the intention of healing.

Soulqi offers Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese Patent Herbs and Massage.