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Dr Ben Latto O’Brien

Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine and treatment in Nutrition

Dr Ben Latto O’Brien (Chinese Medicine) is a practitioner of natural medicine based in Subiaco, Perth, Western Australia.

Dr Ben O’Brien began his formal study in 2007 at what was then called The Australian College of Natural Medicine, now called Endeavour College of Natural Health.

Dr Ben O’Brien began studying in Perth and Brisbane, before moving to Melbourne to complete his undergraduate training in 2012, and his Master’s training in 2015.

He completed several qualifications during this time including;

One year Diploma of Remedial Massage – East West College

Two-year Diploma of An Mo Tui Na (Chinese Physiotherapy) – The Southern School of Natural Therapies

Three-year Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine) – Endeavour College of Natural Health

Four-year Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture) – Endeavour College of Natural Health

Three-year Master of Applied Science (Chinese Herbal Medicine) – Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Dr Ben O’Brien (Chinese Medicine) also completed a six-week internship at the Guangxi Chinese Medicine University in Nanning, China for Acupuncture.

He returned to Guangxi for a second time to complete training in herbal medicine at the end of his masters degree, where he was also invited to guest lecture in the university.

Dr Ben O’Brien (Chinese Medicine) mainly practices Acupuncture and herbal medicine from his new clinic in Subiaco, but treatment with Nutrition is also a major component to assist his patients, especially those who suffer from chronic disease, or conditions relating to the stomach and intestines.

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