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A Patient Story

By Daniel Baden

The doctors have told you they’ve done everything they can. Arthritis doesn’t run on your partner’s family and the painkillers are reducing their quality of life. Your child has a constant tummy ache, but the tests reveal nothing.

Intuitively, you know, more can be done, but you don’t know where to go for help. Welcome to a patient’s story. The podcast that helps you understand what you can do to improve health by hearing from others that have had similar experiences, and have found a sustainable solution.

My name is Daniel Baden. I’ve been a Naturopath for nearly 35 years. Over this time, I’ve seen people transform into strong and resilient beings once they understand the importance of taking ownership of their health.

One of the pillars of natural and holistic medicine is to help teach people how to look after themselves and build resilience.

Modern medicine has so much to offer, but it has its limitations. Over 1000s of years and across most cultures, natural and holistic medicines have developed a proven approach to health. The philosophies and therapies can work alongside modern medicine, or really just stand alone.

Natural and holistic medicine continues to grow rapidly around the world simply because of reliable and reproducible outcomes.

If you are interested in health for yourself, or on behalf of a family member or friend, the Podcast: A Patient’s Story will help you to understand what is possible. To doctors and other health professionals, the story’s told will give you an understanding of the benefits of natural and holistic medicine and why some of your patients are choosing this option.

Please enjoy a patient’s story podcast.




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More about the author

Daniel Baden
Daniel Baden

Experienced Naturopath with an entrepreneurial spirit and a proven history. Daniel Baden has a career spanning 35 years. He has been a clinician, lecturer, speaker, formulator, and founder of four highly successful companies in the natural medicine industry. In his spare time he has  focussed on advocacy work for the holistic professions.
His career has included service on boards and committees at universities, industry groups, professional groups and government.