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7 Tips to Break Free from Smoking Today!

By Julie Doherty

Breathing is pretty important, and no-one quite appreciates its importance until they are unable to breathe. Whether you are reading this because you have given up smoking or just want to improve the function of your lungs. I would suggest if you are still smoking, make a plan to quit, then go about the cleanse once you have given up the habit.  Deep breathing results with many benefits allowing fresh air to oxygenate your blood, reduces stress, anxiety, panic attacks, helps your mind and thought processes.

Importance of Lung Detox

Detoxing is vitally important as what goes into your lungs eventually makes its way into the bloodstream, so it is important to be mindful of keeping your lungs free of toxins to stay healthy. There are simple things that I share with you in this article that you can do to detoxify your lungs regularly, that will help increase your lung capacity, reduce the risk of lung cancer, and improve the health of the respiratory tract, as well as your heart. A major step in supporting your detox is if you are a smoker is to Quit.

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Dangers and Fatality of Being a Smoker

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that approximately 6 million people are killed by tobacco each year, with 600,000 deaths from exposure to second-hand smoke. There are more than 7,000 highly dangerous and toxic chemicals, including 60 carcinogens that are known to cause cancer in tobacco smoke, says the American Cancer Society. The tobacco leaves used in cigarette production contain radioactive materials that can build up over time and predispose a smoker to higher chances of cancer.

Here are 7 tips to help you break free from smoking today!

1: Make a Date: Yes, as you would for any other must do task on your calendar

2: Plan for the Date: Wash and clean everything that looks or even smells like cigarettes. The Car, house, your wardrobe.

3: Get Friends & Family on Board: Communicate your decision, clarifying the importance of their support for you making this decision. If there is anyone who is not totally supportive you may either have to delete them from your life, or if that isn’t totally possible distance your relationship for a while until you feel comfortable and confident in your decision to become a non-smoker.

4: Have Positive Strategies: To avoid becoming sucked back into smoking change the way you do things. For example, if you normally have a cigarette when you have a coffee or glass of wine. Then either go without these for a couple of months until you can cope or have some roasted almonds or walnuts to have with them. If you are feeling stressed go for a walk, take deep breaths and drink plenty of water.

5: Avoid People who Smoke: This is vitally important especially in the early stages of becoming a non-smoker. If you have a husband, partner, and wife or adult children living with you who are smokers then you will have to ask them to refrain from smoking inside or anywhere is close proximity to the house or in the car. When I say close proximity to the house I mean under front or back verandas.

6: Vitamin Supplements: About a week or even two before making the decision to become a non-smoker get yourself a liquid B supplement and some homoeopathic drops for nerve support. The tissue salt Kali Phos is great for stress and anxiety and works well. These will be available through your pharmacy or health shop. Plus, drink lots of water.

7: See yourself as a Non-Smoker: It is vitally important to see yourself as a non-smoker. Clarifying the reasons why you want to be a non-smoker such as you want to smell nice, you want to have great skin, you want to live your life free from disease related illness associated with smoking such as emphysema, lung cancer, heart attacks, and heart disease.

Begin your journey to quit- because being able to breathe is a major necessity to enjoy an optimal quality of life!

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More about the author

Julie Doherty
Julie Doherty

Julie Doherty is a Qualified Naturopathic Practitioner with 30 plus years clinical experience, successfully treating, counselling, coaching, and guiding her clients, with overcoming their health issues. Incorporating the use of Naturopathic, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Nutrition, Remedial Massage and Remedial Therapies.

As time drew near for Julie to retire from her clinical practice. Julie commenced building an online presence: A Membership site where she has worked on for the past 6 – 8 years. Writing Articles, Books and Courses from her Professional Knowledge and Evidence-based Experience. This was a way to empower and enable people to Take Charge of their Health, with what had been successful in assisting her clients within her clinic to becoming well.

Julie’s passion has always been to Empower people, moving from vulnerability to the knowledge of how to prevent and overcome ill-health/disease. Building her Membership site is a way for her to leave a legacy of her knowledge and experience.

Julie has been Recognized as a World Health Leader in Naturopathic Medicine for her dedication and commitment to supporting people with their journey to achieving Optimal Health.