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05 - 31 May

Free product sachets for clinic patients

9am - 5pm
$Free Samples

Free product sachets for clinic patients for Natural Medicine Week

Book an online (Zoom) consultation with Homeopath Anne Sash, or face to face (depending on Government restrictions), and get free product sachets as they wish, from Madame Flavour, Moo Goo and Astroglide.

These can be picked up together with the homeopathics prescribed, or mailed together as needed. Ask Ann for a free 10 minute phone call to discuss your needs before making an appointment.

To book in for a consultation and gain your free product sachets, email Anne with “Natural Medicine Week Offer” in the subject line:

Anne Sash

“I came to homeopathy finishing my studies in 1994, as a way to try to resolve my chronic asthma which came on after pneumonia some years earlier. I the individual, at the right time. I am indebted to Liz Lalor for her mentoring and as an author of books on homeopathy, focusing on mental and emotional qualities of remedies.

The aim is to be efficient in improving health, not to send anyone bankrupt. That is why I chose homeopathy – to do the best in the first place for myself, and then to help others toward long term health in the most efficient way. To look for the causes of an individual being unwell, and to find what is best for them in homeopathy to give a stimulus toward healing, rather than trying to fit them into a futile medical condition box and sell products. So, when I needed to find a way to resolve my own long list of chronic problems, I knew I had a choice which modality to study. I know a quarter century later, that I made the right choice in HOMEOPATHY. I hope that you will also.”

Kind regards always, Anne

What does a Homeopathic consultation involve? 

A homeopathic consultation takes about 1 1/2 hours the first time. It’s best to see your GP for any medical diagnosis and tests, but then we can talk about YOU. What is bothering you the most right now, what lead up to it, what is your past history. What is your unique reaction in disease, because that’s how homeopathy works the best – when it matches you as a person, rather than specific remedies for disease conditions.


Date: 05 May 2020 - 31 May 2020
Time: 9am - 5pm
Address: 49 Phillip St, Dallas, Victoria 3047
Organizer Name: Anne Sash Homeopath
Phone: 0425755276



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