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20 - 24 May

Discount Initital Consultation – $110 Monday and Friday only


Light therapy has been used for a long long time. Now new technology makes us have a better light source to modulate our body and cells’ function. This is cold laser or low-level laser which helps to activate cells and mitochondria to reduce inflammation, promote the healing process, relieve pain and restore functions of neuro, immune and hormone. In addition, this treatment can make your cells more acceptable to nutrition supplement or herbal/natural therapy. As not many people know about this modality, open clinic is a good opportunity to make it better known by the public.

Please visit the website at if you want to know more before you coming. Booking is essential during the Natural Medicine Week Monday and Friday.

You can ask any questions when you visit the clinic and if you want to make a book at the site you are offered a discount price for your initial consultation upon the end of this financial year.


Date: 20 May 2019 - 24 May 2019
Address: 302/3 Waveley St, Bondi Junction 2022
Organizer Name: Sydney Laser Health Solutions
Phone: 0481354188


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