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18 - 31 May

Bare Health Studio – Immune Bundle $125

9am - 5pm

Bare Health Studio bring you their Bare Immune Bundle for $125 for Natural Medicine Week



1 x Acute 15-minute consultation via video chat
1x practitioner grade vitamin D
1x practitioner grade vitamin C
1 x practitioner grade zinc
1x personalised herbal immune tea- blended by our naturopath using certified organic, wildcrafted botanicals.
1x Bare Immune Bundle ebook by Bare Health Studio

Click here to to buy today – use the special offer code BARE25:

This bundle is ideal for those needing immune support during the Autumn & Winter seasons.

When your consultation is finished, you will receive your bare immune ebook via email and your pack will be processed for delivery within 24 hours after your consultation.

Our immune system protects us. It’s our role to provide it with the tools it needs so it can function at it’s best.

Modern living can lead us to low immune health.  Stress, lack of sleep and exercise, and more time spent in doors can negatively affect our immune health. Similarly, inadequate nutrition and a high sugar intake contribute to decreased immune function.

Rather than waiting until you’re hit with cold and flu symptoms, support your immune function no to ramp up it’s defence and have you more resilient on a continual basis.

There are lots of healthy habits that you can adopt that we discuss in more detail in the Bare Immune Bundle ebook. Eating colourful fruit and vegetables and limiting sugar, increasing exercise and prioritising good sleep and stress management, specific herbal teas and supplements (with guidance of a practitioner) can all help you stay well.


Bare Health Studio was founder by clinical nutritionist, Anushka Malcolm and clinical naturopath, Lily Zurlino.
Bare Health Studio offers 1:1 nutrition and naturopathy services. Their 100% online platform takes the inconvenience out of attending appointments.
Bare Health Studio practitioners understand modern day needs,  their aim is to make natural health accessible, easy to understand, and easy to integrate into daily life.
Bare health Studio is  are currently running a seasonal special, the Bare Immune Bundle to support your immune health and ramp up your body’s defence. Find out more about what they offer on our website,


Date: 18 May 2020 - 31 May 2020
Time: 9am - 5pm
Address: Online
Organizer Name: Bare Health Studio


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