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24 - 30 May

25% off ZenYin Massage Therapy Experience

9am - 5pm

25% off ZenYin Massage Therapy Experience or Shared Session Discount from Donna Eddy

ZenYin- YOU in?

ZenYin is an integrated immersive session, to dial down the nervous system via all six senses. For Natural Medicine Week 2021 you can either enjoy 25% off the 2hr session, or, share the 2hrs with a loved one and split the cost (1hr experience each)!

A ZenYin experience includes:

  • Far-infra red thermal massage bed;
  • Sound and aroma therapy;
  • Reflexology (hands; feet & face);
  • Shonishin neural therapy;
  • Massage & thermal stone massage.

Indulge each of your senses for a neural re-set and leave profoundly rejuvenated.

Specifically designed to calm the nervous system, and dial up the ‘rest & digest’ (parasympathetic) side of the system, which enables you to not only relax but enjoy relief.

You know that sigh of relief when you are totally immersed in something pleasurable.

Feel like you’ve had a refreshing and rejuvenating holiday in one session.

For Natural Medicine Week 21 the ZenYin experience is being offered at either 25% off (only $380 instead of $440).

You can also wish to share the experience and enjoy the experience with your loved one (partner; friend; sibling) one hour each, with a modified session* for only $220 each. Couples whom have enjoyed with combined experience have shared that it sets the tone for the day/ weekend! Imagine both of you calm – Zen – relaxed… at the same time.

*You will have the option to remain on the Migan bed and still be in the clinic space for 2hrs. Shared session is to be booked at same time/ concurrent sessions.

To make a booking or enquiry – use this link to book a time for a no-obligation ‘connection call’ to discuss the session and book your experience. Book here: 

I look forward to immersing YOU in a profound experience, which bathes each of your senses for a rejuvenation beyond relaxation.

ZenYin- YOU in?

About Donna Eddy

A committed and proactive healer

I know first hand how debilitating pain can be. Originally a movement coach and trainer, I turned to movement therapy as a way to restore myself to full health after experiencing serious back injury at 21yrs old.

I’ve dedicated my life to distilling the best techniques and helping others understand, manage and recover from pain and to a deeper degree life (be it stress to unresolved emotional content). For more than 30 years  I have immersed myself in all things movement and therapy. As a registered and active acupuncturist (offering three different styles of acupuncture), a trained counsellor & psychotherapist, massage professional, stretch therapist and coach. I have treated thousands of patients and educated private and professional clients of all ages how to live young and pain free.

I support all of my clients with a complete care package of personalised programming and detailed coaching support. My offerings are as diverse as my training and the results are both potent and profound. My dharma in this life is to teach. I fulfilled that by teaching Diploma level Anatomy & Massage at TAFE and to international students. My dedication to inspire movement and empower those whom have suffered injuries and pain is life long. I’m here to teach – heal – counsel – inspire. I’ve created and continue to develop movement programs like Posture Plus; soulfully nourishing immersions like ZenYin & Salubrious Sunrises; mind body reconnecting corporate programs like UNwind & Free Feet. Connect with me to see how I can either help you or your team. Be the exception and age youthfully…. is your next step a Salubrious one?


Date: 24 May 2021 - 30 May 2021
Time: 9am - 5pm
Address: 2/3 Latimer Road, Bellevue Hill, NSW 2023
Organizer Name: Donna Eddy
Phone: 0411 371 994



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