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24 - 30 May

$20 off 2 Hour Bliss Package

9am - 5pm

Take $20 off the ‘2 Hours of Bliss’ package from Bondi Junction Massage & Float Centre for Natural Medicine Week.

Usually $140! Mention booking code: NMW20, receive $20 OFF and pay only $120.

2 Hours of Bliss Package: float and a massage!

Sometimes 1 + 1 = free, where free = free from stress. Because when you combine two stand-alone proven therapies like floating before a massage, it’s a double winning formula for longer lasting performance and wellbeing.

Even though the overall longer-term goals of floating and massage are body and mind performance and wellbeing, the ways to achieve these outcomes rely on noticeably different approaches.

Float tanks relieve and release tension by reducing sensory input through its quiet, zero-gravity, solitary, dense saltwater experience. Conversely, massage therapy uses sensory input where your therapist works deep on your muscles applying pressure with hands, fingers, elbows, forearm, or feet, using oils, creams or balms.

Because floating success relies on sensory reduction and massage therapy uses sensory input, combining both treatments serve to complement each other, substantially enhancing the overall outcome.

By floating first, you are preparing your body by releasing tension – almost wiping muscles and mind clean, like a blank slate – allowing your therapist to then begin his/her work immediately at the start of your massage.

Bondi Junction Massage & Float Centre is a restorative and remedial oasis of calm and wellbeing in the heart of Sydney’s eastern suburbs, treating thousands of clients since 1985.

To find out more about our float + massage combo package make contact today.
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Date: 24 May 2021 - 30 May 2021
Time: 9am - 5pm
Address: 1st Floor, Royal Arcade 181 Oxford Street Bondi Junction 2022
Organizer Name: Bondi Junction Massage & Float Centre
Phone: 02 9387 7355



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