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01 - 30 Jun

$10 off Natural Menopause Book Offer

10am - 4pm
$10 off

Receive $10 off the physical book – From Invisible to Invincible, the Natural Menopause Revolution

Now only $25 – Use code NMW21 to save $10

Please note due to postage costs, the offer is only available to Australian residents.

By Jennifer Harrington, Menopause Natural Solutions

Are you experiencing hot flushes, lethargy, and moodiness? Is your body showing signs of Menopausal symptoms, like weight gain and digestive issues?

Every woman will stop menstruating at some point during their lives, and their natural production of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone will reduce – but not all women suffer during this transition. If lower hormones were the problem, all women would suffer equally. But they don’t! Why?


Naturopath Jennifer Harrington explains why and shows you what you can do about it. As she says, Hormones load the gun, but what pulls the trigger?”


From Invisible to Invincible is your personal guide to transition through menopause in a powerful, positive, and natural way. It’s designed to give you the tools to become INVINCIBLE.

The truth is: you don’t have to suffer. there is a better way. You can begin your own Natural Menopause Revolution today.

To buy the book, visit: and use code NMW21 to save $10.


Date: 01 Jun 2021 - 30 Jun 2021
Time: 10am - 4pm
Address: Online
Organizer Name: Jennifer Harrington, Menopause Natural Solutions
Phone: 0423 712 904


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