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Natural Medicine, a natural choice

Natural medicine (also known as complementary, alternative, holistic or traditional medicine) refers to healthcare practices and therapies whereby trained natural medicine practitioners treat their patients for illnesses via natural methods and materials. The ‘holistic’ nature of natural medicine practice extends to identifying the most appropriate modality, or type of therapy, both for the individual and their presenting health concerns. These modalities can be classified by three primary models: Ingestive therapies (including naturopathy and nutrition), Bodywork & Massage and Chinese Medicine, which includes associated techniques like acupuncture.

What are the different types of natural medicine treatments?

Did you know?

The origins of acupuncture can be traced back more than 2,000 years, making it one of the oldest health care systems in the world

Did you know?

The human body contains about 50% more Lymphatic fluid than blood and when the lymphatic system slows down, is congested or blocked, our body has less defence against viruses, fungi and bacteria

Did you know?

Naturopaths are trained in, and can incorporate, a variety of natural medicine treatments such as herbal medicine, nutritional therapy and lifestyle management

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