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26 May

Workshop – Managing Depression and Anxiety Naturally


When we’re coping with emotional pain, a purely mental or intellectual approach usually isn’t enough. Although our mind may try to think its way out of pain, it can quickly become confused or trapped in repetitive thought-patterns that actually intensify our emotional turmoil. When we invite our body and spirit to be part of the healing process, however, transformation can unfold.

The wisdom of Natural Medicine offers practices that unite the mind, body, and spirit, allowing us to experience deep emotional well-being and restful awareness.

This workshop focuses upon how Ayurveda (Traditional Medicine from India), Kinesiology, Yoga and Counselling can lift the heaviness of depression and soothe anxiety.


Date: 26 May 2019
Time: 9am-5pm
Address: Suite 2/39 Prince Street Garfton NSW
Organizer Name: Clarence Natural Therapies
Phone: 0266428432


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