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30 May

Webinar: Endocrine Disruptors and Your Hormone Health

11am - 12.30pm

Webinar: Endocrine Disruptors and Your Hormone Health

Join ATMS Practitioner of the Year: Angie Savva from Quan Yin Healing Centre for this Natural Medicine Week special event!

We are living in a time of what some call a “hidden hormone epidemic”, where the symptoms of hormone imbalance are increasing at alarming rates. A major factor is the ubiquitous presence of endocrine disruptors in our environment – chemicals that negatively interfere with our delicate hormonal communication systems – and they could be a major roadblock keeping you from feeling your best.

Join Angie Savva in this 60 minute webinar to learn:

* Why your hormonal health matters – and be empowered to take steps to protect it,
* The toxins right under your nose – shedding light on the most dangerous chemicals you are exposed to daily, in places that might surprise you,
* The many ways endocrine disruptors endanger your health, as well as the health of future generations, and
* 5 powerful steps towards hormonal harmony that are super easy to implement, and help you reduce the toxic overload on your beautiful body.

If you are one of many women who experience symptoms of hormone imbalance, or if you simply want to be informed and take steps to safeguard your hormonal health, I can’t wait to share this information with you. Bring your questions!

All participants will also receive a copy of my free E-book “5 Steps to detoxify your body for hormonal health”, with additional information not covered in the webinar.

Event Details

Saturday 30th May

From 11am – 12.30pm

To register, go to:

Angie Savva is a multi-award winning Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. She is passionate about women and children’s health, and empowering her patients to make sustainable lifestyle changes for radiant health and happiness.

Find out more about Angie and her practice by visiting:


Date: 30 May 2020
Time: 11am - 12.30pm
Address: Online
Organizer Name: Quan Yin Healing Centre
Phone: 0403 945325


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