Trying for a baby this year? Discover how to boost fertility naturally

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29 May

Trying for a baby this year? Discover how to boost fertility naturally


At the newLife centre for Women we have an elite group of experienced professional practitioners who are passionate about working towards helping patients achieve optimum health and wellness. To celebrate this year’s ATMS Natural Medicine Week we will be offering an array of affordable holistic treatments, including, acupuncture, complimentary nutritional consultation, relaxation scalp massages and facial Gua Sha (pronounced gwah-shah), an ancient Chinese Medicine technique that helps promote circulation (Qi) and lymphatic facial flow.

I will also be conducting a Free online seminar on ‘The Use of Complementary Medicine in Fertility Today’. The discussion will help guide females or couples about successful conception with natural treatments, such as acupuncture, herbal medicine and supplementation through either natural fertility or assisted reproductive therapies (i.e. IUI and IVF). The aim of the online seminar is to help women explore a more natural approach to preparing the body for a successful pregnancy and to gain a better understanding of how to improve their chances of conceiving through the use of acupuncture and supplementation.

(Please continue to book at the original link, and details of the online event can then be provided to you nearer the time)
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About: Dr Patricia Diaz (Doctor of Chinese Medicine)

Special interest in Women’s health, fertility and pregnancy Acupuncture

Patricia Diaz newLife centre for Women and acuIVF™ founder

BA Applied Sc. Traditional Chinese Medicine; BA Pharm Chem.; BA (Hons) Med Sc.

Patricia is an acupuncturist with over 18 years experience, is one of Australia’s best known health experts, and founder of newLife centre for Women and acuIVF™.

Over the past several years, Patricia had been in charge of Genea Holistic’s practice as the Practice Manager and Senior Acupuncturist.

At Genea, Patricia assisted in foreseeing the overall setup of the Genea Holistic clinic which was first launched in late, 2011.

Taking on an evidence-based practice approach, Patricia has implemented an acupuncture protocol that supports patients undergoing IVF + IUI, Prenatal care and women’s health support and addresses the physical and emotional needs of patients on their fertility journey. Patricia has collaborated in several research projects, published articles, written chapter in textbooks, and presentations related to acupuncture, complementary medicine and infertility.

She is a certified Acupuncturist, Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Herbal Dispenser by the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia – AHPRA.

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Date: 29 May 2020
Time: 5.15pm
Address: Suite 10 / level 8 The Dymocks Building 428 George St, Sydney (Now Online)
Organizer Name: newLife centre for Women
Phone: 02 9223 1882



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