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25 May

Recalibrate your Dis-eased Mind & Body

7.30pm - 8.30pm

Webinar: How to Recalibrate an Overwhelmed, Fearful and Dis-eased Mind & Body Using Whole Food, Nature’s Medicine & Lifestyle Wisdom

With Apothēca By Anthia

Webinar: Tuesday 25th May from 7.30pm – 8.30pm

Stress, fearful thoughts and negative emotions have very real consequences in our mind and body, changing our chemistry and behaviours, catalysing symptoms and disease states and keep us stuck in old survival patterns. Unresolved they can bring on health problems or hamper healing and create more suffering and dysregulation.

Zoom Live Talk with Anthia Koullouros Naturopath with over 26 years of naturopathic clinical practice and founder create of Apotheca by Anthia in Paddington. “My mission, as always has been to serve, support & inspire you – to take care of your health; to fall in love with nature, natural wisdom, & natural medicine; to take care of our earth & humanity; to live mindfully with a joyful heart”

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About Anthia

Anthia Koullouros is the founder & creator of a new chapter of organic Botanical Teas, Tisanes & Naturopathic Remedies: Apothēca By Anthia.

An offering steeped in over 25 years of clinical naturopathic & herbal medicine, created to holistically nourish you on your healing journey to wholeness. Small bespoke batches, hand made in Australia from exquisite organic ingredients, with minimal waste in mind & deliciously good for you & our earth!

It’s also the home of her Naturopathic Clinic, Apothecary & Tea Store in Paddington, NSW Australia. Apothecary originates from the ancient Greek word Apothēca, [ἀποθήκη], a dispensary of botanical remedies. It was the place where women could be healers.


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